Adopt a Project

For 7 years we have been conducting our activity from the pediatric oncology wards in Constanta and, lately, Bucharest and we have been living, together with doctors, nurses and families, the untold stories of children suffering from cancer and other serious diseases.

We work with them and for them and this is how we get the chance to understand the faults of the system and the sometimes superhuman efforts of the doctors who dare to follow their vocation in conditions that are hard to understand by their colleagues who work in similar wards in other European countries.

Let’s get to know each other and find together the project that best suits your company’s mission and vocation.

We have developed long term projects in 22 hospitals and hundreds of wards in the country. Below, you can find the list of hospitals where we have recently carried out projects:

The Clinical County Hospital Constanta
The Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital Constanta
The Regional Ambulance Service
Constanța Railway Clinical Hospital
The Pulmonology Hospital Palazu Constanta
The Mangalia County Hospital
The County Hospital Medgidia
The Emergency County Hospital Tulcea
The Bucharest Institute of Oncology
The Fundenti Clinical Institute Bucharest
The Colentina Hospital Bucharest
The “Marie Curie” Children’s Hospital
The “Gr. Alexandrescu” Emergency Hospital Bucharest
The “V. Gomoiu” Children’s Clinical Hospital Bucharest
The Emergency Clinical Hospital Floreasca Bucharest
The Emergency County Hospital Ploiesti
The Regional Blood Transfusions Center Constanta
Campina County Hospital
Focsani County Hospital
The County Hospital Focsani
The City Hospital Otelu Rosu Caras-Severin
The County Hospital Fetesti
The City Hospital Panciu

Famous companies support us. You can be one of them

Sponsor benefits:
  • You are included in the section Who Supports Us on the website;
  • The involvement of the sponsor is included in the published text of the press release following the finalization of the project for which you donate;
  • Media coverage on all the media channels used by the association: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, newsletter;
  • You are mentioned as a sponsor in the description of the project on the website;
  • You are included in the annual activity report;
  • Setting up a  gratitude plaque with the name and logo of the sponsor, on the ward entryway, for large projects (over 10.000 euro).


You are welcome to meet us and have a talk at the Focus Medical Center in the Constanta County Hospital, so that we can find the best way to work together.
You can email us at or call us at 0723 215 387.