Educational Project “YES, I can”

Launched in February 2018, “YES, I can!” is our first educational project focusing on social responsibility dedicated to the children of Constanța.

“This initiative stems from our own responsibility to instill in the younger generations important elements about their involvement in the life of their community. We believe that social responsibility is a skill that can be developed, and that children need to understand how they can contribute to making the world a better place for everyone”, stated Alina Pătrăhău, founder of “Dăruiește Aripi” Association.

Why we are doing this

  • This project was born following numerous requests coming from the schools and kindergardens of Constanta and thanks to children getting involved in various actions aiming to support the community.
  • The capacity for compassion is something we are all born with. However, as the years go by, we become less and less involved in dealing with the struggles our communities go through. It is, therefore, important to understand, since very young, that giving is more rewarding that receiving.

What we have achieved

  • The first module took place during the 2017-2018 school year, with the printing of the “Story of I Can!”, a book handed out, free of charge, to all children attending the last year of kindergarden and to primary school students
  • This book contains an educational story, as well as various interactive activities that children can do together with their teachers and parents. The children discussed about the subject of the story at home, with their parents – a very good occasion for the family members to connect.
  • Through its illustrations, the story presents a real-life situation: two babies born with medical conditions receive different degrees of care and chances to a disease-free life because they are born in different cities – Bucharest and Constanta. This situation is solved through the project for the Reconstruction of the Neonatal Intensive care Unit within Constanta County with the help of the community of Constanta city.

How the project has been implemented

  • Since its inception, in February 2018, the project has received the support of Constanta County School Inspectorate and the cooperation of 36 school units in Constanta (public and private kindergardens and schools).  The success of this project was also due to the valuable contributions of Ilustrart Association, Ana Maria Huzum and Adina Rosetti.
  • “The Story of I Can!” contains illustrations signed by Daniela Șoșa, Maria Surducan, Maria Cucu, Teodora Oprea, Ileana Surducan and József Vass.

Project status

  • The first module, dedicated to children 5 to 10 years of age, was welcomed with great enthusiasm by the 10,000 students, 300 teachers and 93 kindergarden teachers of Constanta involved in the project.
  • The second module, aiming to reach children 10 to 14 years of age, will see participants directly involved in real-life situations that they will learn to navigate using a Help Book, under the guidance of teachers and with the help of parents.
  • The next step is for the “YES, I Can!” project to take place in other Romanian cities as well.

Expected results

  • We believe that children’s power to take a positive approach to overcoming the challenges their communities face is rooted in their capacity for empathy, compassion and in their desire to lend a helping hand.

“YES, I Can!” is an ongoing form of training (5 to14 years of age) that helps strengthen children’s social responsibility.