The Circle of Trust and Hope

Project financed through the "Adopt a project" program initiated by ING Bank Romania

This program aims to support children suffering from serious chronic conditions, onco-hematological conditions or rare diseases as well as their families, all of whom live in the Dobrogea region. This support comes under the form of home visits from the specialized medical personnel working within the Focus Medical Center. Launched in February 2018, this is the only home care services program (treatment and monitoring) provided by a Romanian pediatric oncology unit.

Why we are doing this

  • 62% of the oncology patients on the records of the Focus Medical Center do not live in the city of Constanta; these are children living in rural areas and who have difficulties in accessing adequate medical treatment and monitoring. “The Circle of Trust and Hope” came as a natural spinoff of the project aiming to create the Focus Medical Center, and it is designed to support children suffering from oncologic conditions and to improve their chances of survival.
  • Adequate monitoring of and parent training on oncology symptoms during the first five years as of the cancer diagnosis are key to increasing patients’ survival rates, which, under ideal circumstances, may go as high as 90%.
  • Very often, the health state and the quality of life in children having received a serious chronic disease diagnosis are closely connected to the family’s economic status.

What we have achieved

  • The program supports 200 pediatric patients, with 143 home visits made during the first ten months of the project.
  • One home visit presupposes blood sample drawing, administration of treatment, measurement of vital signs, pain assessment, instructing parents on palliative care maneuvers (for terminal patients).
  • Home visits also play a welfare role as we can identify and act where children live in precarious conditions, with no access to resources that would help in the healing process.
  • During the first ten months since the project launch, thanks to a collaboration with our friends from MagiCAMP Association, we have managed to include more than ten families who have a sick child in the MagicBox project, which provides them with a monthly pack of basic food items, as well as personal hygiene and care products. Also, all of the children who are part of the home care program are included in our social responsibility initiatives focusing on individual cases.
  • The home care nurse team has undergone palliative care training – the basic module took place in January 2018, the advanced module in June 2018. This training was organized by Hospice Casa Speranței Brasov.

How the project was implemented

  • The program was initiated by “Dăruiește Aripi” Association and financed via the “Adopt a project” competition organized by ING Bank Romania.
  • Synevo Romania covers the costs of processing the blood samples drawn within the outpatient unit, up to a limit of 3,000 RON per month, which currently covers blood test needs in full.
  • The team comprises one doctor and six nurses specialized in palliative care from the Constanta County Clinical Emergency Hospital, one project manager and a registration clerk.

Project status

  • Considering the medical data collected from home visits, the bases are now being laid for a Regional Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Rare Disease Patient Registry in Dobrogea.
  • Based on the know-how accumulated during the course of the pilot home care program implemented in Dobrogea, we will be able to create a best practice model that could be replicated at national level.

Expected results

  • This program aims to improve treatment conditions for children living in rural areas of the Dobrogea region and suffering from rare chronic diseases as well as to support their families by enabling their free access to medical services and to specific condition-monitoring programs.