Tiny Hero events

We have developed several projects aiming to bring some joy into the lives of children suffering from cancer or rare diseases.

  • “10 Tiny Heroes at Disneyland” – The children enjoyed a four-day trip to a fairytale land, where they met their favourite cartoon characters.
  • “Happy Children at Therme” – The third edition of this event gathered 1,000 children with an oncologic diagnosis from Iasi Hospital, “Marie Curie” Hospital of Bucharest and Constanta County Hospital.
  • Seaside camps – Every year, children are offered visits to the main attractions of the Romanian seaside area (Aquarium, the adventure park etc.).
  • Celebration of relevant International Days at the Focus Medical Center – Children Living with Cancer Day, International Rare Diseases Day, International Children’s Day, International Hemophilia and Hemorrhagic Conditions Day, International Premature Babies Day – On these occasions, we bring together the children and their families, as well as doctors, and psychologists. These are not only celebratory occasions, but opportunities for the strengthening of community ties and the creation of a support group.
  • Decorating the Pediatrics Unit of the Constanta County Hospital at Easter and Christmas time – With the help of the young artists from the “Regina Maria” National Arts College of Constanta and of the residents, the unit is embellished with season’s decorations for the joy of the hospitalized children.