Donate your birthday

Your birthday or name day is coming up. All your friends are thinking about what present to offer you, but all you really want is to be close to them and enjoy this occasion. And you can also share the joy of this special day with those in need.  

You can donate your birthday or name day in support of the projects of the Daruieste Aripi Association. In this way you can contribute to improving the quality of life or chances of survival for a sick child. 

What you can do: 

  1. Tell your friends that you wish for a special birthday present, that is, to bring happiness to a child in need.
  2. Access theDaruiesteAripi Association’s page on the Galantom website. 
  3. Fill in your information: date of birth, contact information, title of the page and the amount you want to raise.
  4. We will email you a link to your personalized donation page.
  5. Encourage your friends to support you and donate online, by card, for your cause, the money they would have spent on your gifts!


Donate by card, simply and quickly!
Donate online