Our Results

    • By developing the National Childhood Cancer Registry, we managed to collect for the first time nation-wide, actual and reliable data on the incidence of pediatric cancer and survival rates, laying the fundamental groundwork for developing health-care policies in pediatric oncology in Romania. We are developing this project in partnership with the Romanian Society of Pediatric Onco-Hematology, the “Ion Chiricuţă” Oncology Institute Cluj-Napoca and the Joint Research Center – Cancer Information Unit of the European Commission.
    • Over 500 children with cancer are diagnosed and/or treated every year in the only pediatric onco-hematology hospital unit in south eastern Romania, that we built in Constanta.
    • Over 250 children are currently enrolled in the only hospital-based home care program in Romania through which they receive medical care at home, delivered by medical teams under specialist guidance from the attending oncologist. In the three years since the project started we recorded zero cases of treatment discontinuation – and zero cases of follow-up failure– two major issues in our country’s cancer care system.
    • We built the first modern intensive care hospital unit for newborns in South-Eastern Romania, also tripling its bed capacity; these children now have a better chance to survive and grow healthy.
    • Hundreds of children admitted annually to the Bucharest Institute of Oncology now have access to social services and an MRI investigation, thanks to the anesthetic  room we built in the hospital, a procedure that until then had not been available to child patients.
    • Better hospitalization conditions for children in 3 pediatric oncology units in Constanta and Bucharest.
    • We are the main contributor to the development of pediatric care in South Eastern Romania – renovating and providing equippment to 13 pediatric units in the region of Dobrogea –,following investments totaling about 4-million-euros.
    • Over 10,000 children in Constanta participated in the civic educational program “Yes, I can”.
    • 80 children at risk from the south part of the country had access to the services of the Educational Centre from Eselnita village.
    • 29 medical units and over 4000 doctors and nurses received support in 2020 the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. We donated about 350.000 euros’ worth of medical and protection equipment.