Private Individual – Donate 3,5%

Redirrect 2% or 3,5% of your income tax 

For income obtained during the 1st of January 2019 – December 2019, employees and pensioners can download theTax statement 230 here, according to OPANAF 614/2020. 

Persons with income from other sources can download the Sole Tax statement here . 

Income from other sources include: independent income, assignment of goods (rent), agricultural activities, forestry, fish farming, transfer of securities and any other financial operations, including derivatives, as well as financial gold transfer and any other income sources subject to income tax.   

Attention!If you are filling in the Sole tax statement online, you need to fill in the box for 2% (Section 6, Point A, Page 6) our information:
Name of non-profit entity/religious organization name: “Dăruiește Aripi” Association 

Tax code of the non-profit entity/religious organization name: 31482767 

Bank account (IBAN): RO 70 BTRL RON CRT 020 750 3901  

What to do with your income tax redirection statement  

Step 1: Download the statement according to the income for which you are paying taxes. 

Step 2: Fill in the statement with your personal data and signature.
You do not need to fill in the rest of the data. 

Step 3: Submit the statement or send it by registered mail to the Public Finance Administration of your home city. You can find the addresseshere. 

If you managed to persuade a number of your friends to redirect the legal percentage of their income tax towards our projects and you have put together a number of statements, you can mail it to us and we will distribute them. 

Our address is:Asociatia Dăruiește Aripibdul Tomis 145, ConstanțaSpitalul Județean ConstanțaCentrul Medical Focus – incinta Ambulatoriu, cod postal 900591, Constanțatelefon 0745 864 034 

The time limit for submitting the statements is June 30th 2020. Taxpayers do not have the option to redirect this percentage of their income tax, after this date. 

According to O.G. nr.92/2003, art.11, par. (4), the beneficiaries of these amounts obtained by 230 and 200 statements, cannot obtain fiscal information regarding the identity of private individuals or companies. Donors may, if they so wish, communicate their donation to the association.