Ongoing Projects

Treatments and medical monitoring visits to the homes of children with cancer in Dobrogea – The Circle of Trust and Hope

Implementing period: Ongoing since March, 2018 Partners: ING Romania, Synevo Romania “Circuitul Încrederii și Speranței” (The Circle of Trust and Hope) is a project through which mixed teams from the Daruieste Aripi association and specialized medical staff from the Pediatric Onco-Hematology department of Constanta visit the homes of children with severe chronic illnesses in Dobrogea […]

Structural Development of the Neonatal Care Unit in Constanța

Implementation period: Ongoing since February, 2014 Own resources   PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT – decreasing the neonatal infantile mortality rate in the South Eastern area of Romania. The Neonatal Care Unit of the Constanta Emergency County Hospital (ECH) is the only one in south eastern Romania that is classified as level III (maximum service performance for […]

Supporting of the Pediatric Oncology Ward in Constanta

Implementation period: Ongoing since February 2014 Own resources In 2014 we built the pediatric oncology-hematology and rheumatology ward of the Constanta County Emergency Clinical Hospital, that is the FOCUS Medical Center for children and adolescents, this being the only ward in the South-Eastern area of Romania that treats and monitors the cases of rare diseases […]

Modernization of the Pediatric Radiology Ward in Constanta

Implementation period: December 2019 – February 2020 Partners: Petre Ispirescu Gymnasium School, Constanta It has become a tradition for the funds raised at the Petre Ispirescu School Christmas Fair to be invested in the benefit of Constanta’s children’s health, through Daruieste Aripi. Daruieste Aripi will support the activity of the Pediatric Radiology Department of the […]

Supporting the Pediatric Oncology Department from the Bucharest Oncology Institute

Implementation period: Ongoing since June, 2019 Partners: Therme Bucuresti The Pediatric Oncology Department from the Bucharest Oncology Institute is the largest pediatric oncology department in Romania, from a total of 13 departments and with over 100 children from the 400 new cases reported annually in the National Child Cancer Registry in Romania. According to the […]

Equipment of the Intensive Care Unit 1 and 3 from the Bucharest Fundeni Clinical Institute

Implementation period: Ongoing since June, 2019 Partners: Therme Bucuresti The purpose of this project is to improve hospital conditions for children and adult patients from the intensive care units of the Fundeni Clinical Institute and reducing stress factors particular to intensive care environments. Also, the project aims to improve communication with patients and between specialists […]

Equipment of the Pediatrics Unit in Constanta

Implementation period: Ongoing since 2017 Partners: Petre Ispirescu Gymnasium, Constanta, own resources Constanta does not have a pediatrics hospital although, according to statistics published in the last Statistical Yearbook of the City of Constanta – published by the County Department of Statistics on the 1st of July 2017, the city had over 145185 registered children, […]

Dulapul cu jucarii

Implementation period:  Ongoing since November 2019 Partner: Therme Bucuresti During Generosity Week, November 4th to November 10th 2019, Therme Bucuresti has joined the initiative of the Daruieste Aripi Association for the Toy Closet Campaign. Through this campaign, we collect only new toys and games to fill the especially set up closets from three pediatric oncology wards […]

Arrangement of spaces dedicated to children in transfusion centres in the country

Implementation period: Ongoing since August 2019 Own resources Statistics are worrying: less than 2% of Romanians donate blood, which is 4 times less than the European average. The aim of the project is to increase the number of blood donors from all over the country, by arranging spaces dedicated to children in transfusion centers, to […]

Establishment of a room for general anesthesia dedicated to children admitted to the Bucharest Oncological Institute, who require MRI examination

Implementation period: August 2019 – present Partner: Therme Bucharest The patients treated in the pediatric oncology section of the Bucharest Oncological Institute represent 1/3 of the malignant pathology diagnosed throughout the country (513 out of 1438 cases registered 2009-2014, according to data from the National Register of Child Cancer in Romania). For about 5 years […]

Completed Projects

10 heroes to Disneyland

Amount: 30 229,6 lei

Bucharest Swimathon

Amount: 67 425,36 lei

Fundraising events

Amount: 92 161 lei

Seasons decoration within public hospitals in Constanta

It is already a tradition to offer the hospitalized children during winter holidays a reason to smile.

Hero Children Days

We have been actively involved in offering small delights to cancer children or children diagnosed with rare diseases by celebrating international days at the Focus Medical Center.

Specialized trainings for medical doctors

Trust, openness and professionalism are the foundation of the medical doctor-patient relationship.