Dăruiește Aripi joins the„FAMILY RUN” event to support children with cancer

Dăruiește Aripi takes part in the 8th edition of the Family Run – Sand Marathon competition held at the end of April. Children and families will have the opportunity to spend quality time in the outdoors, and run the easiest and most fun kilometer for charitable causes.

All funds raised by Dăruiește Aripi will support the home care programe for children with cancer.

Our medical teams have so far traveled thousands of kilometers from the hospital to the home of the little patients, so that they can stay with their families, especially in the case of those from economically and socially vulnerable communities. One of the mothers who welcome us at home told us:

“The nurse visits us every week and opens the door wearing a large smile. She tickles George if he won’t take his hand out from under the covers for the blood sampling. She laughs and winks at him as she takes his temperature. And when she leaves, it’s like she takes some of my worries with her, and the day goes by easier.” (Maria M., Cogealac, Constanta).

Dăruiește Aripi team are looking forward to seeing you at the starting line!

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