The Team

Founded in 2013, the “Dăruiește Aripi” Association has initiated and implemented over 40 projects within the public healthcare system of Romania, with a total value exceeding 6 million euros. These projects encompass hospital reconstruction, modernization, and the development of medical-social services aimed at patients.

The “Dăruiește Aripi” Association carries out innovative projects dedicated to children with cancer, which are unique in our country. Examples include the Romanian National Childhood Cancer Registry, the Dara digital platform, and the home care program for children with cancer. These initiatives are developed in strategic partnership with the Romanian Society of Pediatric Oncology-Hematology (SROHP).

In addition to these efforts, “Dăruiește Aripi” has reformed neonatology services in the southeastern region of Romania through the reconstruction and modernization of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the County Clinical Hospital in Constanța.

Furthermore, “Dăruiește Aripi” has been involved in crisis management situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine.

Our association was granted the status of public utility in September 2022.

A team empowered by the will to save lives

Alina Pătrăhău

Founder and President

Adriana Apostol, MD

Pediatric Oncology and Hematology

Alexandra Neaga, MD

Pediatric Oncology and Hematology

Mihaela Bucurenci, MD

Expert in public health policies and the management of health services

Diana Badea

Administrative Manager

Ana-Maria Toma

Administrative Coordinator

Raluca Brăgărea

Public Affairs & Communication Consultant

Alex Topor

Chief Technical Officer

Liliana Țibrea

Social Worker

Elisabeta Niță

Clinical Psychologist

Andreea Drăgan

Project Manager

The Activity of the Association is supported by Law Firms
Calipetre & Associates și Vernon | David, offering legal advice and safety.


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