What we fight for

Improving the healing chances of patients

By reconstructing and equipping wards of public hospitals. Facilitating the resources of medical teams in support of patients. Patient counseling for obtaining rights to health and life.

Increasing the survival rate of children with cancer in Romania

By developing the National Child Cancer Registry. By the construction of the pediatric oncology hematology department within the Constanța County Hospital. Home care medical monitoring and treatment program of children with severe chronic diseases in Dobrogea.

Cultivating compassion, empathy and altruism

Our goal is to set up educational programs for pupils and students, beginning with their earliest contacts with the school system.

Encourage people who want to help

By volunteering and raising money for those who want to get involved in the community they belong to - we help them help others.

We are helping 50,000 babies born prematurely or with health issues!

We built and modernized the Newborn Intensive Care Unit and the Premature Department within the Constanta County Clinical Hospital.

Total investment: 2,060,000 euros


severely and terminally ill children in Dobrogea area visited for homecare treatments


treatments administered within Focus Medical Center – the onco-hematology compartment within Constanta County Clinical General Hospital


counselled patients for obtaining their rights to life and health


children learned about social responsibility


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