Equipment of the medical offices in 5 schools in Tulcea

Amount: 2508 euros

Implementing period: September 2019 – December 2019

Resources: from donations

The Daruieste Aripi Association has donated medical equipment and furniture to medical offices in 5 schools in the city of Tulcea: Alexandru Ciucurencu Middle School, Nifon Balasescu Middle School, I.L.Caragiale Middle School, Nicolae Cornateanu Technological Agriculture High school, Anghel Saligny Technological Highschool.

The equipment we purchased included: tensiometers, otoscopes, thermometres, adjustable column scales, medicine cabinets, metal cabinets for medical files and chairs – all needed in school medical rooms, used for medical monitoring and first aid. Over 3900 children of school age which study in these 5 schools will benefit from this equipment.

This project is a perfect description for the Daruieste Aripi Association: real solutions for real problems. We are happy to be able to help in order to give school children in Tulcea a healthy future.