Genetic diagnosis and personalized treatment for patients with hematological conditions

Amount: 100.000 €uro

Implementation period: May 2022 – October 2022


The correct and especially in-depth diagnosis is the first battle won with cancer.

We donated to the Clinical Institute at Fundeni state-of-the-art equipment for genetic testing of leukemias (for children and adults) from all over the country. The hematology and transplantation section of the Institute is a reference center for Romania, having the highest addressability at national level. It is for the first time in Romania that rare subtypes of acute leukemias that require a different and personalized therapeutic approach can be identified.

The purchase of this equipment is an important step in the personalized treatment for children with cancer in Romania at Western European standards. Approximately 400 children are diagnosed annually in Romania with various forms of cancer, the most common being leukemias and lymphomas, over 50% of cases, according to the National Childhood Cancer Registry.

In the Laboratory of Special Hematological Analyzes in the Clinical Institute at Fundeni, more than 250 patients with leukemia, children and adults, are diagnosed annually. From now on, leukemia patients in Romania will benefit from personalized treatments, thus increasing their survival rate and quality of life.

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