Refurbishing the Center for Education and Development from Eselnita, Mehedinti County

Amount: 2288 euros

Implementing period: September 2019 –  January 2020

Resources: from donations

The need for refurbishing the Center for Education and Development from Eselnita was brought to our attention by Mrs Elisabeta Pacuraru, a teacher at the Eselnita Middle School in Mehedinti and  one of the teachers winner of the Merito 2019. The Merito projects aims to draw the Romanians’ attention towards those teachers that are able to change Romania to the better for eternity, the teachers of a better Romania, those who have chosen a job that they do passionately. We support this project and we are confident that a better Romania can only be achieved through our children’s education.

The funding was used for refurbishing (painting, flooring, replacing windows, installing blinds) on the ground floor of the Center for Education and Development in Eselnita, which has been severely affected by flooding, 3 times in 2018. It has thus been possible to again start organizing and carrying out educational programs for the children and the community. The support of the Daruieste Aripi Association helps our rebirth as a community center. We wish to create a clean, beautiful and attractive space for the 80 children that will take part in the workshops that will happen there.”, was the message from Mrs. Elisabeta Pacuraru.