Supporting the activity of the Constanta Regional Ambulance Service

Year 2020 2021 Total
Investments (lei) 185,995.62 41,683.14 227,678.76
(aprox. 46.000€)

Implementing period: January – August 2020

Partners: Rompetrol KGM International, Avant Maris Medical, Aqua Carpatica

The Constanta Regional Ambulance Service is a public institution with the purpose of emergency medical assistance and assisted medical transport.

Starting in January of 2020, we have been involved in supporting this service, for the improvement of the quality of the medical act it provides in the Constanta community.

Therefore, during the Coronavirus pandemic in Romania, with the support of Rompetrol KGM International, we have managed to provide 37 tons of fuel (the amount needed in one month), thus transferring the funds that were allocated to fuel towards the acquisition of safety equipment at the beginning of this crisis period.

With the support of Avant Maris Medical, we have managed to acquire safety equipment for the Regional Ambulance Service in the form of: UV lamps, safety masks, medical suits and footwear covers.

With the support of Aqua Carpatica, we have managed to provide the Ambulance Service with water that they needed during their missions throughout the Coronavirus crisis.

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