Supporting the development of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology services in Bucharest

Year 2019 2020 2021 2022
Investments (euro) 29.900 15.400 600 9.300

The pediatric oncology departments in Bucharest treat the greatest number of children with cancer in the country. They are national reference centers.
Among these, only the Bucharest Oncology Institute – the largest pediatric oncology department in Romania from a total of 13 departments – treats over 150 children from the 400 new cases reported annually in the National Child Cancer Registry in Romania.  According to the same source, a third of the solid tumors appearing in children are treated here. 

The support we provide for these departments was established following a period of volunteering within the Bucharest Oncology Institute and the Marie S. Curie Emergency Children’s Hospital in Bucharest, where we identified the most stringent needs.   

  1. Modernization of the department and equipment with all the necessary medical devices;
  2. Supporting the social assistance services,by employing a social worker:
  • Assessing the patients’ and their families’ social needs and offering support; 
  • Informing regarding the rights of the special needs persons, in case of death, transportation, etc.; 
  • Communication with other institutions such as The County Department of Social Assistant Services and Child Welfare, Town Halls, Health Insurance Authorities; 
  • Scheduling patients for periodical medical check-ups (RMN, CT, surgery, radiotherapy, etc.); 
  • Counseling regarding obtaining death certificates and organizing transport; 
  • Approaching and communicating with associations that are active in the area of pediatric oncology; 
  • Requests for emergency help; 
  • Social surveys; 
  • Transport to other institutions – The County Department of Social Assistant Services and Child Welfare, Health Insurance Authorities, other hospitals, etc. 
  1. Implementing the Toy Closet– the existence of a closet periodically supplied with new toys collected from donors through media campaigns. These are offered to children under treatment in the hospital by the medical staff.
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