10 heroes to Disneyland

Amount: 6.717 euros
Implementing period: 2015, 2016
Partner: Primavera Association

Disneyland – the strongest vitamin for the children’s psychic.

In 2015 and 2016, we organized trips to Disneyland Paris for two series of 10 children having oncological conditions and four volunteers; our aim was to make their dreams come true and offer these children the strength to fight with a terrible disease.

What can you do in hospital when you are not crying under treatment or you are not feeling sick after the treatment? What can you do when you are waiting for test results or good news? What can you do in hospital when you, a little child, fight with all your might for a promise to live? Children build a refugee, a world where they can control their world, a world with a lot of laugh and tears of happiness. Your guess is right; they surround themselves with cartoon characters. Like this, they are able to endure a suffering way too big for even for an adult, they create dreams with incredible heroes that fighting the impossible. Thus, they also convince themselves to overcome everything in real world. Would not you like to take a walk along the ginger bread alleys or visit fairytales castles or travel in a pumpkin carriage or have talk with princes and princesses? Would not you like to wake up or fall asleep in a tale where playfulness is the only rule?

At Disneyland, twenty children with oncological conditions have lived their only dream, their anchor of hope that kept them fighting, while their little life was disrupted by disease; the only efficient treatment for their fragile spirit to resist and help their little bodies to heal. This dream, for which they never dared to make plans, was possible through the generosity of people. The people who never forgot that a child’s dream that came true is a hand of help offered to their own destiny – a destiny that does not count on papers with no value, but on smiles and good deeds and mostly on the happiness you have brought to each child that came along your way.