Supporting the Clinical Pediatrics Unit of the Constanta Emergency County Hospital

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Investments (euro) 6.500 9.000 5.600 2.500 0 12.800 4.800 15.450

Constanta does not have a pediatrics hospital although, according to statistics published in the last Statistical Yearbook of the City of Constanta – published by the County Department of Statistics on the 1st of July 2017, the city had over 145.185 registered children, between the ages of 0 – 18.

The Pediatrics Unit from the 8th floor of the Constanta Emergency County Hospital is the only one in Dobrogea that can care for common pediatrics cases as well as intensive care, trauma, neurology and nutrition cases for children and teenagers with only 75 available beds. During summer, the number of patients is doubled due to the tourist season.

With the help of our sponsors and at the request of doctors working here, we are involved in refurbishing spaces, acquiring medicine and equipment needed  in order to provide support for the treatment of children who are admitted here.

Throughout time, we have managed to acquire the following:

  • refurbishing and equipping the playroom;
  • electric medical beds for children and adults
  • hospital grade mattresses;
  • foldable chairs for mothers;
  • refrigerators for all the rooms;
  • nebulizers;
  • infusion pumps;
  • hospital grade microfiber antibacterial pillows;
  • waterproof covers for pillows;
  • waterproof covers for mattresses;
  • hospital grade linens;
  • plastic products (toilet seats and brushes, boxes for transporting blood samples, garbage and storage bins) – restocked periodically.
  • blood pressure cuffs, pulse oximeters, thermometers etc.
  • protection and sanitary equipment;

Every year, during the holidays, we decorate the Pediatrics Unit in order to bring joy to the children and mothers who are admitted here during this period.

We thank our sponsors:

Global Defense Logistics

Cora Romania

Sterk Plast

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