Empathic Communication in Discussions with Children Diagnosed with Cancer: Alternative Strategies and Sensitive Language

Continuing the discussion on sensitive communication with children diagnosed with cancer, it is essential to explore the right words that can bring comfort and support during this challenge. Drawing inspiration from the article published by the Canadian Cancer Society, “7 Things to Say to Someone with Cancer,” we will explore several tips for creating empathetic and motivational communication with children facing this diagnostic.

  1. “How are you feeling today?” – Open the door to sincere conversations

Instead of avoiding the topic, gently inquire about how they’re feeling. This shows that you care and are available for open discussions.

  1. “You are a model of courage.” – Encourage bravery and resilience

Words that highlight their courage and determination can motivate them and make them feel appreciated for their inner strength.

  1. “I’m here for you.” – Offer unconditional emotional support

Let them know that you’re by their side in this journey, no matter the challenges that may arise. Unconditional support can be a source of comfort.

  1. “What can I do for you?” – Show your willingness to help

By asking what you can do to ease their burden, you demonstrate that you want to help them in a concrete way.

  1. “It’s okay to feel this way.” – Validate their emotions

Each person has their own emotions during these difficult moments. Validate their feelings, regardless of their nature.

  1. “I believe in you.” – Build trust in their abilities

Give them confidence in their abilities to cope with the situation and overcome obstacles.

  1. “We’re rooting for you!” – Show community support

By sharing positive thoughts and support from the community, you can bring them a sense of belonging and encouragement.

Our words can have a significant impact on children diagnosed with cancer. By using empathetic, motivating, and sensitive language, we can contribute to building a support network that helps them face challenges with courage and confidence.

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