Equipping the Constanța Railways Clinical Hospital with high performance diagnostic devices

Amount: 127.130 lei

Implementing period: March – June 2020

Partner: CHS Silotrans

Dăruiește Aripi Association purchased high-performance diagnostic equipment for the Constanța Railway Clinical Hospital, with the financial support of CHS Silotrans.

The equipment streamlines the hospital’s activity, providing a rapid diagnosis and optimal monitoring of the disease, especially for severe cases, targeting primarily patients infected with Covid-19 and on the long-term all specific pathologies, treated in this hospital. This acquisition, consisting of three state-of-the-art laboratory analyzers, ensures ultra-fast and high-performance determination, offering a higher quality to the medical act in this hospital.

Constanța Railways Clinical Hospital provides medical assistance in the perimeter of the maritime harbor platform and is certified for safety and health in the field of transport, being one of the 15 hospitals in the national network of the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Communications in Romania. It has a complex configuration, of multipavilion type – 4 medical units, with a total capacity of 166 beds.

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