Modernization and support for the Regional Blood Transfusions Center Constanța

Year 2019 2020 Total
Investments (lei) 19,398.23 31,890.29 51,288.52 approx. 10.500 euro

Partners: Cora Romania

Dăruiește Aripi Association purchased in 2019 furniture and supplies for the Constanța Regional Blood Transfusions Center. The donor waiting room was equipped with a set of new sofas and we also set up a playground specially for the children of the parents who come accompanied to donate blood. Thus, waiting is a little more enjoyable for children until the donation process is completed.


We are very pleased that we can support the activity of the Constanța Regional Blood Transfusions Center and we would like to let you know that the candies you receive after you donate blood are also from us.


Don’t forget to donate blood whenever you can, it means life!