Educational project „Yes, I can”

Amount: 7.728 euros

Implementing period: December 2017 – June 2018

Resources: from donations


  • 10.000 children have taken part in the civic education program Yes, I can! 


Launched in February 2018, „YES, I Can!” is our first  educational project about social responsibility addressed to children in Constanța.

This initiative bears the mark of our responsibility to convey important knowledge about social involvement towards the young generation. We believe that social responsibility can be learned and  children need to understand the role they play in making better possible”, says  Alina Pătrăhău, founder of Dăruiește Aripi Association.


  • The idea was born after many schools and kindergartens in Constanta have requested for the children to be involved in various activities to support the community.
  • We are all born with compassion. However, as the years pass by, people stop getting involved in their community’s problems. It is important to understand, from an early age, that to give is so much more rewarding than to receive.

What have we done?

  • The first module was carried out during the 2017-2018 school year and it consisted of printing a book – „The story of I can!”– which we have distributed freely to children in their last year of kindergarten or primary school students.
  • The book includes  an educational story as well as several interactive activities for children to play with their teachers and family. The children have discussed the subject at home, with their parents – a very good connecting exercise for the family.
  • The story uses illustrations to present a real case: two children born with health issues, that do not receive the same care, being looked after in different cities – București și Constanța. The solution is the project for the Reconstruction of the Intensive Care Neonatal Unit of the Constanta Emergency County Hospital, with the help of the community in Constanta.

How we did it?

  • Launched in February 2018, the project benefits from the support of the Constanta County School Inspectorate and the implication of 36 schools in Constanța (state and private kindergartens and schools). Also, Ilustrart Association, Ana Maria Huzum and Adina Rosetti have taken part in the project development.
  • „The Story of I Can!” includes illustrations made by Daniela Șoșa, Maria Surducan, Maria Cucu, Teodora Oprea, Ileana Surducan and József Vass.

Status of the project

  • The first module, dedicated to children between the ages of 5-10 years old, was a real success with 10.000 students, 300 teachers and 93 educators from school units in Constanta.
  • The next step is for the  „YES, I CAN!” project to be developed in other cities in the country.

The results

  • We think that children have the power to react positively to the problems around them  and this power comes from growing empathy, compassion and the will to get involved.
  • „YES I CAN!” is an experience that will continue throughout the first forming years (5-14 years old),at the end of which, children will consolidate their feeling of social responsibility.