Providing hearing test diagnosis equipment – Constanța County Hospital

Amount: 12.062 euros
Implementing period: May – December 2018
Partner: Cora Romania

Daruieste Aripi Association have acquired hearing screening equipment for the neonatology department within Constanta County Hospital, in order to detect infant’s hypoacusis through a range of specific hearing tests.Hearing screening tests for premature infants were not available in this department, and the incidence of such pathology is quite often encountered in premature infants.

Together with Cora Romania, through its campaign #lunainimilordeschilor, this screening may be performed to all newborns in Constanta County Hospital, in the first days after birth.

The purpose of hearing screening is to detect infants hearing loss through a range of specific hearing tests. Performing such preliminary tests in maternity allows to obtain specific information regarding newborn’s level of hearing and to take necessary measure to treat hearing impairment. In case such screening tests reveal a potential hypoacusis, infant should be subject to a complex hearing assessment in short time.