Public Policies

Asociatia Daruieste Aripi was certified by the Romanian Government on 9 September 2022 as charity of public service with a focus on inovative medical services.

Daruieste Aripi is the author of several original research projects: The National Child Cancer Registry, the first national study on the survival rate in paediatric cancers, and the first national research on the needs of the parents of children with cancer.

Daruieste Aripi has been engaging in the legislative process for the adoption of the National Plan for Cancer Prevention and Control, the chapter on pediatric cancers. All action points presented by the Association in partnership with specialists from the Romanian Society of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology (SROHP) to the Ministry of Health, during the process of stakeholder consultations, have been included in the bill voted for by the Romanian Parliament in October 2022, and promulgated by the Romanian President in November 2022. Our recommendations are fully compliant with the lines of action in the Strategic Plan Update 2021-2026 published by the European Society for Paediatric Oncology.

Asociația Daruieste Aripi supports 5 key objectives in the National Plan for Cancer Prevention and Control the survival rate and quality of life for children with cancer. These objectives are:

  1. The development of integrated multidisciplinary services in pediatric hematology and oncology, at all stages in the clinical process, using innovative IT solutions
  2. The development of targeted therapies in pediatric oncology
  3. Radiation therapy for pediatric cancers
  4. Ongoing access to oncological drugs for pediatric cancers, according to the latest therapeutic protocols
  5. The affiliation of the Romanian pediatric hematology and oncology to the European and international bodies for research and support.

The document is available here.

Asociatia Daruieste Aripi has completed a 5-year plan to further develop and digitalize medical services in paediatric hematology and oncology at national level, and to contribute to other projects at European level. The official certification as charity of public service offers us important leverage to this effect.

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