Raluca Brăgărea

Raluca Brăgărea

Public Affairs & Communication Consultant


Over more than two decades of experience in public communication, of which two spent in the US for graduate studies, Raluca learned that the change for good is within her power. The project closest to her heart is the set-up of an internship program in the British Embassy in Bucharest, where she managed the communication team for more than 14 years. Many of the internship graduates have in the meantime become colleagues and close friends.

Raluca enjoys intercultural experiences, and her bucket list includes a trip to Osaka, Japan, the host of the World Expo 2025 – “Designing Future Society for Our Lives”.

Why Dăruiește Aripi

“Innovative and precisely targeted projects undertaken by Dăruiește Aripi are an inspiration and a lesson in entrepreneurial courage for me. I want to contribute to the success of the programs for children with chronic illnesses, whether cancer or other pathologies. A budding human who receives support in such difficult times will become the adult keen to pay it forward.”

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