Refurbishing of the wards for children with burns in the Constanta County Hospital

Investments (lei): 57,314.15
Gratuities: 72,600.00
Total: 129,914.15

Metropolitan Life (through United Way Romania)
Vestas CEU Romania

Implementing period: July 2019 – October 2020



The Daruieste Aripi Association has finished the refurbishing works for the wards dedicated to children with burns from the Pediatric Surgery and Orthopedics Department of the Constanta County Hospital. This space has never been updated since the construction of the hospital in 1969.   

We took on this project in order to contribute to improving the chances for recovery for children with burns in the South Eastern area of Romania, this ward being the only one of its kind to treat such cases. Along with the refurbishing works where we used specific material that help to fight nosocomial infections, we have equipped the space with medical devices that were identified together with the doctors working on this ward, such as:

  • Electrical bed with foam mattress specific for preventing bedsores;
  • Electrocardiograph with 6 channels and 12 derivations;
  • Syringe pumps for administering treatment, for long term dosage;
  • Antibacterial lamp;
  • Fully equipped treatment trolley;
  • Medical devices kit for medical emergencies: blood pressure cuff; non-contact thermometers; pulse oximeters; pediatric double stethoscope.

The total value of the works is of approximately 25.000 euro, of which, half is constituted of pro bono services, offered by a construction company in Constanta who wishes to remain anonymous.

The refurbishing works consisted of reconstruction of the electrical and plumbing system, reconstruction of the walls, replacing the windows, reconstruction of the bathroom, including the water repellent insulation, installation of tiles, faience, sanitary furniture, lighting fixtures, installation of medical flooring, lighting ramps for beds with power supply system and installation of black-out rollers.

Every year, about 400 children are admitted here with burns or with specific post operatory care needs that involve aseptic conditions. The Pediatric Surgery department has an acute need for spaces available for current requirements.