Support for life in partnership with KFC Constanța

Amount: 3.913 euros
Implementing Period: September – October 2018
Partner: KFC Romania

In September and October 2018, our social responsibility project initiated by KFC Romania, made us feel like Santa Claus.

Our project consisted in offering basic support for 3 families in Constanta whose a children have been diagnosed with an oncologic condition. A team of doctors, nurses and a psychologist helped us identify the families in need. With the support of KFC Romania we have provided clothes, footwear, washing machines, refrigerators, school supplies, furniture and food in amount of RON 6000 for each family.

“I have no words to express how I feel. Thank you. May you have the health to help and bring joy to other families. Thank you so much!” was the message of a mother from beneficiary families.

„When we made the home visit, we pick up the kids from the school, and one of the girls prepared a colorful drawing for us. We have been impressed by the kids enthusiasm, how they were enjoying simple thigs. We will try to keep in touch with families further on”, told us Andreea Babiceanu, representative of the KFC company.

For the children with medical conditions and their families, each smiles matters. Really simple things. Really precious things.