Together, against the COVID-19 pandemic

Amount: 246.682 EUROS

Period: March 10th – June 30th 2020
Financial resources from donations.


  • 4000 doctors and nurses from 29 medical units, benefited from safety equipment;
  • We have created testing opportunities for the people in Câmpina;
  • We have equipped the Railways Clinical Hospital with diagnosis equipment;
  • We have helped the intervention capacity of the Regional Ambulance Service by providing them with 37 tons of diesel;
  • We have helped reconfigure the The Pulmonology Hospital in Palazu Constanta (Covid support hospital);
  • We have equipped the Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital in Constanta with hospital grade furniture.

Here’s a brief review of our achievements:

Stop Corona Virus Campaign

We have helped 28 medical units in 7 counties in Romania: Constanta, Tulcea, Bucuresti, Prahova, Ialomita, Vrancea, Caras Severin. The donations from this period sum up to a total of 246.682 euros. 75% of this amount, 186.760 euro, has been directed towards hospitals and care units in Constanta.

Here are the most important donations we have made:

The Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital Constanta – 63.731 EUROS
The Clinical County Hospital Constanta – 44.740 EUROS
The Regional Ambulance Service – 33.764 EUROS
Constanța Railway Clinical Hospital – 26.267 EURO
Campina County Hospital – 27.111 EUROS
The Pulmonology Hospital Constanta – 10.329 EUROS
The Emergency County Hospital Ploiesti – 9.260 EUROS
The County Hospital Focsani – 3.326 EUROS
The Colentina Hospital Bucharest- 3.072 EUROS
Territorial Inspectorate for Emergencies Dobrogea – 3.059 EUROS
The Mangalia County Hospital- 2.367 EUROS
The Oncology Institute Bucharest – 2.330 EUROS
The Fundenti Clinical Institute Bucharest – 1.832 EUROS
The Emergency County Hospital – 1.740 EUROS
The County Hospital Medgidia – 1.671 EUROS
The City Hospital Otelu Rosu Caras-Severin – 855 EUROS
The County Hospital Fetesti – 736 EUROS
The Community Service Center Techirghiol – 687 EUROS
The “Marie Curie” Children’s Hospital – 498 EUROS
The “Gr. Alexandrescu” Emergency Hospital Bucharest – 498 EUROS
The “V. Gomoiu” Children’s Clinical Hospital Bucharest – 340 EUROS
The Emergency Clinical Hospital Floreasca Bucharest – 248 EUROS
The City Hospital Panciu – 245 EUROS
The Regional Blood Transfusions Center Constanta – 144 EUROS


What these numbers mean:

  • 69.350 safety equipment
  • 447 hospital medical equipment and devices
  • 91.362 medical supplies
  • 2.322 disinfectants
  • 1.877 meals for medical staff
  • 13.000 water bottles
  • 37 tons of fuel for the Regional Ambulance Service
  • Refurbishing the Pulmonology Hospital in Constanta

All these numbers are proof of the wonderful effort our sponsors have made, to help us support our community through this difficult time.

Thank you for supporting this cause. You can always contact us aici.