Trips to Therme Bucharest for the children with medical conditions

Amount: 2.385 euros
Implementing period: 2016 – 2019
Partner: Therme Bucharest

For 4 consecutive years, we have organized the event ‘Happiness for children at Therme Bucharest”. Children with oncologic conditions from all over the country, hypoacusic children and children with visual impairments from deprived backgrounds have recipients of this project.

Over 1000 children have enjoyed unforgettable moments at Therme Bucharest, the largest aqua park in Romania.

„This day spent playing at Therme brought to my kid so much joy and fantastic energy ”, told A’s mother; a parent which was usually very concerned, and used to call us many times to check on her son’s status. “This was a day when only childhood mattered”, said one of the volunteer doctors that accompanied the children.

Along with our volunteers, we are happy to be involved in this project together our partner Therme Bucharest in sharing these moments of joy, which are giving to children with medical conditions and to their families the strength to fight another day, as long as it is necessary.