Rehabilitation of the Constanta Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital

Amount: 135,000 euro

Implementing period: October 2021 – June 2023

Resources: from donation

At the beginning of October 2021, the Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital in Constanta suffered a deadly fire. The blaze took over seven rooms from the Intensive Care unit. Seven patients lost their lives, dozens were transferred to other hospitals in the city, the staff was left jobless and the hospital was closed. In the middle of a very seroius covid pandemic wave, Constanta was left without an infectious diseases hospital.

This tragedy motivated us to join the efforts to open this hospital again, under safe and better conditions. Doctors joined us in a fundraising campaign. People that had been saving lives, fighting on the frontline for the last two years, became fundraisers overnight and managed to effectively support the reopening of this hospital.

What we wished for was that the hospital could become functional as soon as possible after the finalization of the structural refurbishing and modernization works supported by the Constanta City Hall. To this end, we managed to furnish the hospital with medical equipment.

Thus, in March 2022, an external compartment of the Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital was opened in the Medeea neighbourhood. This became the Center for prolongued hospitalization of imunodepressed patients.

Thank you:

România Euroest, Euro River Transport, Geplast, Pfizer, Casa Ideea Group, Metchim Trade, Luansa Forwarding, Școala Gimnazială Petre Ispirescu, Cora România, as well as to all the people who donated for this cause!

Sursa foto: IGSU Romania

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