Adriana Apostol, MD

Adriana Apostol, MD


Pediatric Oncology and Hematology

Doctor in pediatric oncology and hematology, Adriana runs the pediatric onco-hematological and rheumatology ward of the Constanta County Emergency Hospital.

“It all started in 1994, when, after completing my training in Pediatrics, I took specialized advanced training in pediatric onco-hematology, an area few pediatricians embrace. I believed that no child should die of cancer; this is the reason why I chose to pursue this career.

I must admit that, in my first years of practice, things were very different from what I thought they should be for these extremely vulnerable children. Meeting Alina with her unmitigated desire to help these children seemed like a miracle. We started our first project together in 2013, the reconstruction of the pediatric onco-hematology ward to the latest standards. We received our first patients after just one year, in 2014. It was our first shared dream coming true. From then on, the hospital and our patients have always received the Association’s unconditional support.

The home care project for children undergoing treatment for severe chronic diseases followed shortly, allowing for another dream to come true.

Assisting as many children recover from cancer, with help from our projects and programs, we are proving that this disease can be defeated!

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