Developing the Neonatology services in Constanța

Year 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Investments (euro) 6.500 18.600 7.100 14.707 9.100 99.000 44.274 24.800
Gratuities 307.120 296.598 586.417

The annual investments in the Neonatology Ward of the Constanta County Hospital are in addition to the construction works valued at 2.060.000 euro. (details here).

PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT – decreasing the neonatal infantile mortality rate in the South Eastern area of Romania, by increasing hospitalization capacity and by improving the quality of the medical act.

The Neonatal Care Unit of the Constanta Emergency County Hospital (ECH) is the only one in South East Romania that is classified as level III (maximum service performance for diseased newborns) and it is a regional hospital servicing both Constanta and Tulcea but also the counties of Ialomita and Calarasi. 3000 births take place here every year with 30% of them in need of special care.

In the history of the Constanta County Hospital, built in 1968, a modern structure to function as a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Premature Department has never been built.


  • Infantile mortality rate in the south-east area was the largest in the country and three times larger than the European average;
  • The space was insufficient and inappropriate– open space – easy spread of nosocomial infections;
  • Insufficient space as compared to the need– 8 beds in the newborn intensive care unit as opposed to the 20 needed;
  • Insufficient medical staff;
  • Only one on call team for 3 departments: new born intensive care unit, premature unit and rooming-in;
  • The existing equipment was old – physically and morally outdated – the incubators were crammed on the hallways and in the delivery room, the sterile conditions were not appropriate for treating the patients safely;
  • 1000 premature or diseased children are treated here, annually;
  • 50 of the children admitted here in 2014 died before reaching one month old;
  • The Constanta Hospital covers four counties: Constanța, Tulcea, Ialomița and Călărași.


  • We have extended and upgraded the space destined for the new unit in the Constanta County Hospital – 8th floor, sector 8.5 – with the support of The Vodafone Foundation.
  • We have collaborated with the Constanta County Council who completely equipped this unit with new and state of the art medical equipment.
  • We have increased the number of beds from 8 to 22, through a procedure approved by the Ministry of Health, resulting in the increase of the number of specialized medical staff (doctors, nurses, orderlies, caretakers).
  • We added 10 premature beds;
  • We have set up a second on call team, functioning exclusively for the newly built unit.
  • We have set up a follow-up neonatal practice in the Constanta County Hospital Polyclinic.
  • We have installed a state of the art telemedicine system which allows doctors to always be connected with the patients on the Unit as well as with fellow specialists from every corner of the world (even when they are not physically present at the hospital).
  • We have installed a top range storage and medical data analysis system.
  • We are continuously supporting the training of the medical staff with various national and international training courses and exchange experiences.




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