Construction of the MRI anesthetic room from the Bucharest Institute of Oncology

Amount: 155.216,52

Implementing period: August 2020 – December 2020

Partner: Rompetrol KMG International

The patients treated in the pediatric oncology section of the Bucharest Institute of Oncology represent one third of the malignant pathology diagnosed throughout the country (according to data from the National Register of Child Cancer in Romania).
The pathology of the ward is almost exclusively composed of solid tumors. In all these cancers, MRI monitoring is essential in the therapeutic decision, being provided for in all modern treatment protocols, taken from the International Society of Pediatric Oncology, according to European standards.

In young children, MRI examination requiring general anesthesia, could not be performed at the Bucharest Institute of Oncology, due to the lack of an adequate space and in spite of the existence of a dedicated anesthetist.

Daruieste Aripi Association has started renovating the space next to the enclosure where the MRI unit of the Bucharest Institute of Oncology is located, in order to increase the comfort of the cancer patients hospitalized here. Thus, children no longer need to be transported to other hospitals and can be treated at the same place.

In order to ensure the evaluation of the intra-therapeutic and post-therapeutic MRI for children with various neurological disorders and young age, they were directed to private MRI centers with the possibility to conduct the general anesthesia investigation. The number of these centers in Bucharest and the availability to receive these children is extremely low, so that, with great efforts, the department does not always manage to respect the correct MRI evaluation intervals, which can sometimes affect the evolution of the malignant disease indirectly, by not adapting the treatment in time.

An important aspect of the difficulties of performing MRI imaging with general anesthesia in other locations than in Bucharest Institute of Oncology is that it costs there. Even though the investigation itself is compensated by the National Health Insurance House, general anesthesia does not enter into the health services supported by health insurance, even if, according to the law, children have complete gratuity in terms of medical services. The costs of anesthesia were covered by the parents or, most often by organizations that support the medical activity of the department.