Development and modernization of medical services for children with cancer in the south eastern region of Romania

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Investments (euro) 8.280,00 9.900,00 16.430,00 12.080,00 15.400,00 8.900,00 24.480,00 16.300,00

The annual investments in the Pediatric Oncology-Hematology Ward of the Constanta County Hospital are in addition to the construction works and equipment of the ward in 2014, with a value of 137.589 euro (details here).


Our vision regarding the improvement of medical services dedicated to children with cancer and other serious diseases in the South Eastern area of Romania, starts with the construction and equipment of the unit. We have finalized this in 2014 and we keep to our commitment to its development, on the long run, by implementing new services and constantly improving the quality of the medical act in the unit’s activity. We are ensuring the continuous training of the staff, in order to keep up with the latest therapeutic approaches, that the patient’s needs are assessed and addressed, and that new technologies are always implemented to minimize the risk and maximize efficiency for the time spent in the hospital.

At present, the design, equipment and logistics function in a distinct space, exclusively dedicated to oncology-hematology and rheumatology diseases, as it was built in accordance with the major pediatric wards of reference in Western Europe. The Ward meets both the medical assistance requirements of patients and their families, as well as their social and psychological needs.

This is the only pediatric oncology-hematology ward in Romania that also offers home care, in addition to the hospital specialty services (The Path of Trust and Hope) through a pilot project that we have started in March 2018.


  • Every year, over 500 children with oncology-hematology and rheumatology diseases benefit from outpatient care at the highest standards, through services (space and medical staff) dedicated exclusively to them.
  • The compliance and satisfaction of the patients is complete – there are no cases of abandonment of the treatment.
  • Minimum risks of infectious complications – there are no cases of nosocomial infections in the patients of the center
  • Children benefit from the best attention – one nurse for two beds.

By helping these children go through this disease with our projects and programs, we have demonstrated that this disease can be defeated!

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