Supporting of the Pediatric Oncology Ward in Constanta

Amount:  17.619 euros – 2019

                  22.816 euros – 2018

                  21.279 euros – 2017

Implementation period: Ongoing since February 2014
Resources from donations.

In 2014 we built the pediatric oncology-hematology and rheumatology ward of the Constanta County Emergency Clinical Hospital, that is the FOCUS Medical Center for children and adolescents, this being the only ward in the South-Eastern area of Romania that treats and monitors the cases of rare diseases and severe chronic pathologies in this region.

We are committed to continuously support the medical activity of the ward and, therefore, we permanently invest in the training of doctors and nurses, we purchase medical equipment, devices and supplies when the hospital cannot provide in a timely manner, we find together with the medical staff the solutions to the problems caused by the system of caring for sick children in Romania, in order to help these sick children.

Our involvement gives extra chances to life, improving the quality of life, more comfort to the small patients and their family. We contribute to a friendly environment, favorable to maintaining an optimistic mood and to the healing of children.

With over 500 children with severe chronic, oncological, hematological malignancies and rheumatological disease, the Constanta ward is the only one in the country that operates in an outpatient regime, the children being required to be present in the hospital only during the day and in the evening they can leave at home to stay with their families, when the disease allows it. This is common practice in all the major pediatric wards of reference in Europe, the model we followed when building the ward here, in Constanta County Emergency Hospital.

In support of patients in need of close clinical monitoring and those in the terminal phase, we started the home care program, a program called The Circle of Trust and Hope.

We thank all those who want to get involved in this small gesture that produces the greatest long-term effects in the lives of child cancer patients.

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