Waves of goodwill at Bucharest Swimathon 2023

Every family has its customs and for us, at Dăruiește Aripi, June is Swimathon month. In the uncertainty of recent years, the Swimathon tradition has been a constant which has always brought us joy, gratitude and the confidence we need to move forward.

When you are trying to change the way children with cancer are treated in a country where people have all kinds of deprivations and needs, sometimes the road can be scattered with difficulties and obstacles of all kinds. The need for community support is constant and the event held annually by the Bucharest Community Foundation covers this need. A vast community gathers around us every year, and their support fills us with pride and gives us momentum so that all the hopes we have can become reality.

In June 2023, 603 donors rallied around our teams and donated 146,380 lei for the home treatment project for children with cancer.

17 teams of fundraisers/swimmers took on this mission in June – to raise as much money as possible for children with cancer from our project. 42 determined and ambitious people mobilized their communities, made phone calls and sent text messages, talked about Dăruiește Aripi with family and friends, and achieved this extraordinary feat – the largest amount ever raised in our community from individual donors. People like us who donated little by little and achieved so much!

5 of these teams were formed by volunteers from schools and high schools. Primary and high school children found time among the end-of-year festivities but also exams and school assessments, to organize fundraising events – concerts and fairs – to contribute to this project.


At the pool event on June 24, 17 of the fundraisers actually swam for our cause. We were very happy to meet the 5 children who entered the pool with determination and courage and did lap after lap after lap until the final whistle.

We are grateful to those who every year, without exception, complete this fundraising marathon with a healthy lap of swimming in the pool. We also thank those who accompanied us for the first time this year and we hope to see everyone again next year. Their energy gives us wings!

The waves of goodwill do not stop here, we are confident and proud of the efforts of all these wonderful people who, through their availability, cheerfulness and perseverance, managed to reach the souls of the 603 donors and bring them closer to the cause of children with cancer.

 As never before, our team is speechless at this extraordinary effort. Thank you!💙🥰

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